Two Ridiculous YouTube Finds

First up, I would just like to assure everyone that this blog has not been abandoned! At the moment I am living and working in Japan, and as such most of my time has been taken over by things unrelated to fangirling over the Trojan War. Unfortunate! Feel free to enjoy the ridiculous videos below as I slowly make my way through the next book up for review — a review that will hopefully be more intelligent than anything in this post.

1. Troy Killcount

A video consisting of nothing but all of the moments from Troy in which Achilles kills somebody. I’m not really sure what to make of this, but I think I love that it exists.

2. Agamemnon Gasping for Air for 4 Minutes

There is a surprisingly number of videos on YouTube that exist only to make fun of Troy!Agamemnon’s “gas leak laugh.” Was this a meme at some point? And if so, how on earth did I miss it???


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