Loreena McKennitt: “Penelope’s Song”

Released: 2006
Album: An Ancient Muse

I’ve been a fan of Loreena McKennitt since I was ten and have seen her in concert twice, but somehow it was only within the past month that I realized she has a song based on the events of the Odyssey. I think almost as soon as this song starts playing you can guess what you’re in for: a slower song in which the Penelope character sings about waiting for Odysseus. (See this page for the lyrics and a comment about the creation of the song.) To be honest, I think it’s pretty but it’s far from my favourite Loreena McKennitt song – and if you’re equally unimpressed, I feel compelled to point you towards “The Bonny Swans,” which is my favourite Loreena McKennitt song.

Oh, also, by the way, unrelated, here is my brand new ~Works Based on the Trojan War Drinking Game~!!

1) Take a drink every time you read/hear “wine-dark sea.”

… Yep, that’s pretty much it.

Buy it at: Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, iTunes, iTunes Canada


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