Icehouse: “Trojan Blue”

Released: 1982
Album: Primitive Man

I spent some time the other night hunting around the Internet for Trojan War songs to add to my pitiful collection, and I think this one, Icehouse’s “Trojan Blue,” is my favourite of the bunch. This is partly because it’s synthpop, which is a genre I enjoy much more than any type of metal (apparently there are A LOT of metal songs about the Trojan War), but mostly because its lyrics are a lot more subtle than those of the other songs I came across. You might not agree with me, but after listening to so many songs in a row that were all “War! Flames! Prophecy! Tears!! Disaster!! DEATH!!!!,” finding this one was definitely a relief. I mean, check out the lyrics to the chorus:

The finest treasures of kings, all of those precious things
They never tempted you
So as you stood in the ruins, how could you dare to look on
As they burned for you?
The broken pieces of clay and the palest eyes, painted in Trojan blue

He’s singing about pottery, you guys. New favourite Trojan War song, right here.

Buy it at:, iTunes, iTunes Canada


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