WarCry: “El guardián de Troya”

Released: 2004
Album: Alea Jacta Est

I really don’t remember how I found out about “El guardián de Troya,” a song by Spanish power metal band WarCry, but I’m glad I did because I quite like it! The lyrics are a little hokey, but if I want to listen to songs about the Trojan War I think I will just have to get used to that. I like everything else about the song and I especially enjoy the moody guitar at the beginning.

A search for this song on YouTube brings up several fanmade music videos that combine it with clips from Troy. I will link you to my two favourites: this one, which has the lyrics onscreen, and this one, which also includes audio from the movie’s Spanish dub.

I haven’t been able to find an English translation of the lyrics online, so if any of you would like me to whip one up just let me know in a comment. My Spanish is nothing extraordinary, but for my birthday I did receive a Siglo de Oro play that I intend to read for funsies. (Just in case you were afraid that Greek mythology was my only nerdy hobby.)

Buy it at: iTunes


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