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July 14, 2015

I’m back!

It was certainly not my intention to abandon this blog for seven months – especially not after posting an average of twice a month last year, a feat of which I was quite proud – but, unfortunately, it seems that’s what I did. My weak excuse is that the time I usually dedicate to Trojan War fangirling was instead spent trying to watch every play in the Shakespeare canon, but now that that’s finished I hope to be posting here again soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a picture I’ve been meaning to share as evidence for my theory that Greek mythology is everywhere. When I was in a tiny town in northern Japan, I lived in a house that was filled with various items that had been left behind by decades of previous English teachers. One day, as I attempted to clear out some of the clutter, wondering which god I had offended that I should be made to live in such a messy house, I reached into a closet and pulled out this:

… the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, or the last thing I would have expected to find in a closet in a tiny town in northern Japan.

On that note!

March 22, 2013

How People Find the Trojan War Project

So because I am an idiot, I totally didn’t foresee that naming my blog the Trojan War Project would lead to at least half my hits being from students (or teachers?) seeking help with schoolwork. To tell the truth though, I sort of enjoy getting a taste of the kind of Trojan War-related work being assigned (even if I don’t always think the questions being asked are entirely relevant). Here is just a sampling:

achilles shield analysis

pages and quotes of the song of achilles

action words describing cassie prince in troy high

the epic of homer both celebrate and shun achilles

troy high shana norris life lesson

what does jonathan shay in vietnam argue

how to make a popsicle house from the trojan war

the odyssey, if athena didn’t intervene so much into the action of the story, how do you think the story would be different?

a complete diary entry of a soldier in the trojan war

in one paragraph what is conclusion of troy high by shana norris

in a paragraph describe the trojan war telling why it started who won and how it was won

in what way does the trojan war represent a tragic ending and a promising new beginning?

best message learned in the story of the trojan war

And a few other search terms that have led people here:

troilus and pandarus homosexual relationships

What, like, with each other??

the song of achilles review bettany hughes gay?

Only someone who hasn’t read the book would put a question mark there hahaha. Also: Bettany Hughes wrote a review of The Song of Achilles?!? Someone please link me to this because Google is totally failing me!

were pallas and aeneas bumming

Seriously why are all my search terms about this stuff?? If the general question is “Do works of fiction based on the Trojan War include homosexual male relationships?” then the answer is “Yes” and also “I look forward to the day when this is no longer a big deal.”

andromache josephine angelini

Oh please no.

something dealing with the trojan war that starts with an f

If you are making a Trojan War-based alphabet book, I wish you the best of luck and request five copies.

Suggestions: Fthia, falanx, Foenix, Filoctetes … never mind, I got nothing.

cassandra and helenus from movie troy


Have I told you my sob story about how when I saw Briseis in the first Troy trailer I thought she was Cassandra? DISAPPOINTMENT ALL AROUND.