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August 24, 2012

Shana Norris: “Overtime: A Novella”

Overtime: A Novella

YA Novel
Pages: 103
First Published: 2012

Synopsis: Five months ago, the epic rivalry between the Trojans and Spartans ended in flames. Now the two schools exist in an uneasy ceasefire as a community event threatens to push them over the edge.

Cassie Prince just wants to focus on her new relationship. But is happiness possible in a place where loyalties run deep?

The Trojans and Spartans return in this ebook sequel novella to the YA novel Troy High.

My Thoughts: As you know if you’ve read my ridiculous review, Shana Norris’ Troy High brought me an absurd amount of joy. It’s just so earnestly committed to telling the story of the Trojan War via a series of silly scenes set in a modern day high school. It certainly has its faults, but not half enough to stop me from loving it unashamedly. Unfortunately, as I really should have seen coming, remove the Trojan War from the story and what remains isn’t enough to hold my interest. As explained in the author’s note, Overtime does include a few nods towards the myths (most obviously in the addition of Nessa, the Clytemnestra character), but its focus is on a high schooler who is planning a beach clean-up while simultaneously taking the worst approach ever to dealing with a boyfriend she suspects is cheating. If that sounds like your thing, don’t let me stop you from checking it out, but I admit I was disappointed to find this book lacking in Troy High-level awesomeness.

Helen does get angry with Paris for texting instead of paying attention to her, though. I guess that’s kind of amusing. ~*~GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD~*~

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